Alien Abduction?

The bulk of our mailings consist of reports from individuals who have witnessed something of a paranormal or alien nature, been visited by beings or entities, or — in the most extreme circumstances — been physically removed from this planet or even this plane of existence.

The following narrative may belong to one or more of the above categories, or to none of them. We’ll let the reader be the judge.

(submitted by Paul Steven Carrock of Decent Springs, Florida)

“Summer of 1988 I was hitchhiking across the country following my graduation from college. Well, I didn’t exactly graduate, but…anyway, I was out and on the road.

“So I was hoping to get to Southern California, where some people that I kinda knew were living and playing online slots for money. I wasn’t making great time, but I was in no hurry.

“I traveled long the coastlines of Alabama and Mississippi on the Gulf of Mexico till I hit the big river in Louisiana, you know…the Mississippi. Thought I might see if I could get hired on as crew on a barge heading north on the Mississippi to perhaps Vicksburg. If I bailed in Vicksburg I could maybe hitch a ride going west on Rt 20. Hitchhiking a boat seemed pretty cool at the time. What did I know! I decided to hang out at a bar near the docks in New Orleans and struck up a conversation with a mid thirty year old muscle man, who it turned out had worked for a barge fleeters company where he operated a tow boat that shift barges in and out of moorings near Lafayette, Louisiana. Guess what? Maritime work is pretty dangerous. The guy got injured when he got knocked overboard when a barge broke away because it wasn’t properly moored. He ended up needing a Lafayette maritime attorney since he was a maritime worker and apparently had certain rights under some federal law or something called the Jones Act and something called Admiralty Law. Man, who knew. He was lucky to find professional legal help. Anyway, besides being dangerous, the work was pretty hard physical labor stuff. I decided I would stay on land and forget about hitchhiking on a boat.”

“That summer seemed pretty cold and wet, but nobody else seemed to think so. Maybe they would have, if they’d spent most of it sleeping outdoors.

“So I caught a few rides but people were kinda leery of picking me up, I guess. I walked a lot more than I rode, it seemed. One really nice dude in an eighteen-wheeler ended up bringing me like halfway in just a day and a half; I think it was like Alabama to Utah. Not bad.

What a wild ride & it was not over yet.

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