Ancient Astronauts?

Carmen los Calambres, an assistant professor of anthropology at St. Alphonsus Liguori University. I had met her several years ago at a convention. A lovely lady and an expert in many areas of human behavior. We became close after learning that a mutual friend was terrified regarding a possible infection. Not just any infection, but we learned that she was in search of a reliable & private std testing kit. I was honored that she was able to confide in me about so personal a problem, and I actually had a solution for her. One of my clients happened to be an online store selling home std tests that accurately detected a number of stds without the need to visit a clinic. This was exactly what she was looking for, so I immediately helped her place the order. I learned later that she tested negative, but she was so concerned that she got tested at a clinic which confirmed the home test.

The next time I saw her was a couple of months later in New York City at an event held at the Museum of Natural History. I didn’t recognize her at all, when she came over to greet me. I must have looked dumbfounded, but she laughed and whispered that she was wearing a wig as a dare from a fellow scientist. Apparently this scientist was doing some type of experiment with recognition of faces and how hair along can make a huge difference. I won’t disagree with that! I asked where she bought her wig and she told me about an online wig boutique where she purchased it. They sell not only well known Raquel Welch wigs, but also a number of other wig brands as well. I thought the Raquel Welch wig that she wore was marvelous and was further astounded when she told me it was made of synthetic fibers, not human hair. I had no idea, since I am not a wig person myself, that synthetic fiber wigs could look so natural. Anyway, I asked if she would consider buying another wig after this experience, and she said she actually would consider it. No more “bad hair” days and it was actually rather fun becoming a different persona while wearing a wig. Perhaps her science friend should do a study about how wearing a wig can alter one’s behavior!

I am sure she wasn’t wearing a wig when she was doing field work in Peru and wrote to us to share her feelings and discoveries about a singular site in the mountains of Peru:

“The expedition consisted of several colleagues and local guides whom we’d previously worked with on the online casino USA project. We had numerous difficulties with equipment and logistics; I thought the problems were considerable, but the more experienced personnel assured me that it was no more than usual.

“After a late and somewhat incomplete start, we made our way across the hilly plains and plunged into the jungles at the foothills of the mountains. What began as a steamy and buggy discomfort turned quickly into frosty mornings as we gained altitude. I began to regret having chosen a land route, rather than the more expensive and unpredictable air drop.

“However, my multitude of minor complaints began to vanish as we neared the cluster of sites on what the locals call the “High Valley Perch” (it sounds much more mysterious before translation). There was significant coverage and destruction from time and the environment, but the visible architecture became more and more impressive as we reached the valley rim and began downward into the mists.

“The deepest spot on the valley should have provided us with the most well-preserved remains, but unfortunately there was standing water throughout. Not only did it cover much of the valley floor, but the stagnant tarn bred the most impossible numbers of stinging, biting insects. It became nearly impossible to rest, even with netting. It goes without saying that we were well out of wireless range, so no Internet access for communication, online slots, or additional research.

“Dispirited, we began to ascend the far slope of the valley, hoping for a site that was far enough from both the slimy water and the exposed rim. We found a nice little set of ruins wreathed in vines and old growth, and started the laborious process of clearing enough to determine if this could be a viable site.

“What we’d taken to be a smaller village was actually a sort of suburb of the city that lay under the water. To my dismay, we ran out of time and supplies long before we found anything of note, but included you will find some extremely interesting photographs of the symbols uncovered during our preliminary clearing.”

Even though we were cut short and did not have an earth changing epiphany does not mean that real progress was not made. We must push forward & continue blazing a path that will one day lead to exactly what we have always been looking so hard for.

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