I was not aware of my own power….

I woke up, shivering under all of my blankets on a hot summer night. This was the third night this week. I felt so tired yet unable to fall asleep, like something was keeping me awake. I could barely hold my eyes open yet my heart was beating out of my chest. I paced around my room, trying to get tired enough to fall back into my bed and close my eyes, but my heart rate was only increasing, I was only getting faster and faster, before I realized it myself I was sprinting around my room. I saw a light in the distance, outside my window, like a street lamp, but there were no street lamps on that side of the house and I had never seen it before in the countless times I had gazed out of that window before. The light became the only thing I could focus on, like it was the only thing in the world, it seemed to be getting brighter but it felt as if it was just the immense focus that I had on it. My heart was pumping faster than ever before, and I lunged forward onto my bed, collapsing into sleep upon impact.

Once again, suddenly and abruptly awoken in the middle of the night, freezing cold, but this wasn’t my room, this wasn’t even my house! This was the hospital nearby. A nurse came rushing into my room “You’re awake!” she screamed, hugging me and sobbing, only after she retracted did I realize that is was my Aunt, Rachel. “Oh my god! We thought you were a lost cause, I already had the order to pull the plug!” “What? How long was I asleep?” I asked, groggily waking up from my apparently very long slumber. “Almost a year. We’re not meant to keep patients like you, that show no sign of recovery supported for that long, you know, with the war and all.” She seemed distracted from me, as if she didn’t know that I was still paying her close attention. She mentioned a war, what war? I knew there was a war going on, somehow from my sleep I still knew about the war! What was happening? “Rachel! Help!” I screamed, images of screaming, dying soldiers rushing through my mind. I felt the world start to slip away, and I fell asleep, awaking instantly to find myself unarmed and naked, in the middle of the crossfire from 3 different sides of screaming armies. I crouched into the ground, the sound of bullets whizzing by hurting my ears. “STOP!” I yelled, standing up and pushing my arms outward. The screaming stopped, the gunfire stopped, everything stopped in that one moment, the final moment. I opened my eyes, only to find darkness and rubble surrounding me. Thousands of corpses lay, splayed out. I knew instantly that I had done this. I began to sob and collapsed down onto my knees, passing out again shortly after.

I was back in the hospital, but, because of some deep down thought that I couldn’t quite pinpoint, I didn’t let the people surrounding me know that I was awake. My aunt was conversing with two other nurses, one male and one female, along with a tall male doctor. “She’s not aware of her own power, did you see what she did in that warzone? She destroyed everything!” my aunt reasoned with the older doctor “Then we won’t put any more of our own men on the ground, we’ll send her in alone and there’ll be no friendly casualties no matter how much damage she causes.” “The two nurses seemed to concur with the doctor. “She’s awake!” one of the nurses yelled, and three armed men rushed in to my room, grabbing me and hauling me away. “SHE IS NOT A WEAPON!” I heard my aunt scream down the hallway before I saw her gunned down before my very eyes along with all of the other hospital staff that had seen me dragged off, except for the doctor.

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