Night Sky

Editor’s Note: When I first read this account, I could already imagine the movie also titled Night Sky, probably a summer release going for blockbuster. I can imagine the promotional posters and lobby cards. I know about these things because I’m a collector of vintage movie posters so it’s easy for me to jump forward in my mind to the year 2406 and observe someone bringing in an antique poster they found in their great grandparent’s attic in response to an ad for free movie posters appraisals. The appraiser is bored and unenthused until he sees the poster at which point he knows he is in the presence of a genuine relic, an artifact from ancient times, in the form of a poster for an old tech storytelling film titled Night Sky and it’s about to make him wealthy.

As a child I was always in awe of the night sky. It is so very large. There are so many stars that it is impossible to count them all. I remember that from a very young age I loved nothing more than watching the night skies. There were a million wonderful things to see if you watched carefully. I would try my best to find out everything about the stars and space that I could. It was actually a source of great joy in my youth. I spent a lot of my time watching or learning about the heavens above us. It was always one of my favorite subjects. I would go so far as to read fiction about meteors and aliens. I was infatuated.

Back in my youth, on a trip to Australia to visit some relatives, I remember my cousin, Faye telling me about the interpretations of ancient Australian engravings telling a story of an extra terrestrial contact event in the remote past. She was also really into aliens, stars, etc. when we were older we both read the book called Aliens in Australia that discusses the Pleiadian origins of mankind. Well, my cousin and I are adults now. Our paths have diverged. She moved into real estate, pursued an interest in gardening, and became deeply passionate about helping people and saving endangered animals. Just recently she sent me the url of a website that discusses her accomplishments called “Great Outdoor Areas | Gardening and Property Advice.” I reciprocated by sending her a link to this site so she could stay up to date with what I am passionate about.

I am no longer the same way & I will be happy to tell you why. My perception has been forever altered & I will never be the same as I was before. I used to camp, a lot. I would spend as much time in nature as I could. Even if it was only for a weekend I would try to get out of town as often as possible. One time, on the Fourth of July holiday weekend, I took my girlfriend out camping. We used to do it all of the time & this was no different than any of those times. We packed our food out & we had a tent & camping chairs. We had arrived about 5:30 on a Friday night & set our camp up pretty quickly. We were able to light up a campfire & break out the beers earlier than we had hoped.

It was a beautiful night & we were enjoying some great views. We bring our telescope out with us when we are star watching & I was setting it up when “it” happened. I do not know how best to explain it. There was an event that would change my life & outlook forever. I barely had my tripod setup & I was trying to get out the rest of the scope when our campsite was approached by what appeared to be an alien being. It looked similar to what we do & was walking upright but it was much smaller & the head seemed to be much larger than ours proportionately.

We were startled & immediately tried to communicate with the little guy but we could not understand what it was saying. We saw a bright light approaching in the night sky & as we watched a circular spacecraft appeared above us. It was amazing because as quickly as it appeared it was gone. We looked around for our tiny visitor & could not find any trace of where he had gone.

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